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Việt Nam tăng mạnh lượng xuất khẩu sắt thép

Vietnam sharply increased its export of iron and steel

Vietnam Steel Association (VSA) has released statistics on Vietnam's iron and steel export volume from November 2016 to the present. Only in November 2016, the export volume of iron and steel reached 256,475 tons, up 62.3% over the same period last year and up 23.1% over the previous month.

Vietnam Steel Association (VSA) gives statistics: In November 2016, the price of raw materials for steel production continued to rise. Seeing the rising price of input materials, iron and steel enterprises are forced to push up selling prices to cover production costs. Due to high steel prices, many businesses actively store steel output increased by 28.3% over the previous month, this move is considered as hoarding output to wait for steel prices to rise and sell to earn. words of the traders. With the situation in the middle of December now, steel price is increasing daily, even for hours, and it is expected that in the short time, steel price will continue to be adjusted.

It is worth noting that the output of steel products of VSA member businesses in November 2016 reached 1,511,154 tons, up 13.03% over the same period in 2015, and up 2.1% compared to the month. before. Production of rebar, wire rod, box steel, plate and section steel reached 1,453,759 tons, up 19.2% compared to October 2016, this amount increased by 37.4% compared to the same period last year.

From the beginning of November 2016 to December 2016, Vietnam has exported over 400,000 tons of finished and semi-finished steel products. While export turnover reached nearly 250 million USD, VSA statistics from the beginning of the year until now, Vietnam's total steel export volume reached more than 3.6 million tons, export turnover reached 2 billion USD, up 24% compared to the previous year. with the same period in 2015.

Regarding the import market, the total output of finished and semi-finished steel products imported into Vietnam from the beginning of the year has reached more than 16 million tons and the total import turnover has reached more than 6.72 billion USD. In particular, the amount of finished and semi-finished steel products imported in October 2016 reached more than 1.9 million tons, with import turnover of more than 830 million USD.

With the current situation, according to the Vietnam Steel Association (VSA), in the coming time, Vietnam will sharply increase the amount of steel exported to the US, Russia, France ... Forecast world steel prices and steel prices. The domestic market will increase sharply from now until the beginning of 2017.


Ton Dong A
Ton Hoa Sen